Will Alexander Volkanovski Unbeatable As the #1 UFC Featherweight Champ?

Alexander Volkanovski is a martial artist that has fought in all the big MMA leagues. He holds a record 4 wins against 2 losses. After fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship ( UFC ) for the first time, he was not happy with his performance and did not want to fight anymore. However, the match wasn’t held due to one of the main fighters, Ken Shamrock, stepping out with a pain in his knee. It was supposed to be their last fight and for many fans it was the end of the series for Alexander Volkanovski.

Alexander Volkanovski UFC Featherweight Champion

He would go on to say in an interview that he regrets not fighting more because he knows that if he had fought his opponent, he probably would have won. Though he says he respects Shamrock, he feels that he let down his opponent. Alexander’s next fight will be against defending UFC Featherweight Champ, Junior Dos Santos.

So how did Alexander win his fight against Shamrock? There are many theories but the one that stands out the most is that he did what all successful fighters do. He refused to accept defeat. You see, in MMA, you can only lose a fight so many times before people start believing that you are defeated. When you refuse to accept defeat, this type of mentality works very well.

If you think that you are going to lose, then you shouldn’t show your face to the crowd or to anyone who watches the fight. Especially in the UFC, where the crowd can really turn on you. So you don’t want to get into a big fight and then be blown out by a few punches from someone who isn’t afraid to take shots. A lot of mixed martial arts fighters have a problem accepting defeat. Some of them will run away from the match and some will fold up and just accept the loss.

Volkanovski has this ability to not only fight, but to come back in a very convincing way. People will always doubt the abilities of a Russian. I know that I doubt Volkanovski’s fighting abilities because he has knocked out some pretty good fighters. Even though they were all Russian fighters, it still doesn’t change the fact that many people don’t believe him when he tells them that he didn’t go to Russia to train for the Olympics.

Alexander is a very unique personality. He has his own style that he will bring to the octagon. Even though he is called “Truce,” he will never ever wear a t-shirt promoting American football. He has his own brand of mixed martial arts shoes, and he sells his own clothing line.

One thing that might hurt his chances of winning the fight is that he will be fighting a guy that has never fought before. Alexander is in the UFC for the big bucks, and if he wants to win the fight, then he has to win with his legs. Right now, Yushin “Chico” Johnson is the only man who has taken down Alexander. This could be a problem, as Alexander is a southpaw. Chico, although smaller, is also known as a submission specialist, and most submission specialists have the edge on a fighter with legs.

If this fight does not happen on September 13th at UFC 97 in Orlando, Florida, it will not be a bad idea for him to travel to Russia to train in October. He should not feel any pressure to win, and he will not be overwhelmed by being called a “chick”. He is just another athlete, and just another fighter. The only person who can stop Alexander from competing is himself.

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